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Our Catholic Special

Character Programme


At St Anne's a yearly overview is prepared.  This gives details when Strands and modules are to be covered.  


Our Religious Education programme is timetabled for classes based on the guidelines set down by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops.


Year Level     Time Allocation          Possible Spread of Lessons per week


1/2                 1 hr 40 minutes          5 x 20 minutes

3/4                 1 hr 40 minutes          5 x 20 or 4 x 25 minutes

5/6                 2 hrs                           4 x 30 minutes

7/8                 2 hrs 30 minutes        4 x 40 minutes



Classroom Prayer 

This is an intrinsic part of the daily programme and a well maintained and relevant prayer focus area is evident in each classroom. A variety of approaches to classroom prayer are used. 


Whole School Masses

These occur at the beginning and end of each Term, on major feast days of the Church's Liturgical Year and weekly on Friday mornings at 9.00am. Our children's experience of Liturgy is a very important part of their Faith development and every effort will be made to ensure that all Liturgies / Masses are of the highest standard and meaningful and memorable for the children. Children are actively involved in these to develop a sense of participation and ownership.


Family Whanau Book 

All Families are expected to read and use the Family Whanau book which provides information to support the Religious Education programme in the home. The Principal and Director of Religious Studies send home reminders via the school newsletter when new strands are being started and the accompanying references in the Family Whanau book.


Student Religious Education Book

These books will provide an important link between the home and the school. They are sent home regularly and parents are to be encouraged to discuss the learning activities with the children and to write a comment at the end of each strand. The books are given high priority in terms of presentation, quality of work, quality of teacher monitoring and home/school links. 


Curriculum Content

The expected learning in Religious Education is spread through six Learning Strands and four Learning Modules. These contain the basic content areas to be covered in Religious Education.


Learning Strands:








Learning Modules:  




  • MYSELF AND OTHERS - KO AU KO, RATOU - This Module is a resource used in conjunction with the Health Curriculum when teaching Strands A, B and D.  This Module  helps to teach the Health Curriculum from a Catholic perspective.



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