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Whanau Support Worker

Information for Parents/Caregivers about the Social Work Service at St Anne’s School.

Social Workers in schools have three main roles:

  1. One-to-one work with children and their whanau.

  2. Provide group programmes which help children and families to succeed.

  3. Help children and families to access community support and networks.



Here are some of the things we can work on with you and your child:

  • Social skills, self-esteem and confidence.

  • Making friends and positive relationships.

  • Family/ whanau relationships.

  • Behavioural concerns.

  • Advocate on your behalf to agencies Taikura Trust, Oranga Tamariki, Housing New Zealand etc) helping to support your child/whanau.

  • Access to parenting programmes, counselling services and financial mentoring.  

  • Access to parent support and community services.

  • Access food parcels.

  • Referrals to other services.

  • School engagement.

  • Transitions to new schools.

  • Helping to fill out important documents regarding your child.


Who can refer?
- Self referrals – Kids might ask for some support. Then Eloise would contact family.
- Parents can make a referral to work with Eloise.
- Teachers can talk to the SENCO/DP and make a referral.
















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